Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Since our last enews on the 18 March, the world and everything in it has changed dramatically. As your BIA we are doing our very best to keep you informed. The situation is changing quickly, including hourly. We are dealing with opinions and regulations that vary between States. Added to this is the vagaries and confusion about rules.

Our team is in contact with regulators at local, State and Federal levels. We have also reached out to the Prime Minister’s office to advocate for the boating industry and the boating lifestyle. We have run the same advocacy line with all States and Territory Ministers, and heads of marine departments.

We have been providing government agencies across Australia with advice on recommended policy, including for marine infrastructure like marinas and boat yards, to assist our industry now and into the future. We will continue to advocate for the industry at every turn, however the speed by which things are changing is and will remain challenging. This evolving situation can be expected to run for some time.

We have also stepped up efforts to assist members with relevant information on government support. There is an extraordinary amount of information flying around and our efforts are to try and get the most relevant material to you as soon as possible. We are also working to convert some of the more tortuous information into quick fact and info sheets.

The BIA will not stop with our efforts to support industry. We have launched a social media campaign targeted at boaties, old and new. The first phase is designed to support boating as an activity and encouraging the public to practice social distancing guidelines. Phase 2 is now in the market asking the public to keep the boating dream alive and to understand we are all in this together. Phase 3 is being designed in the background to support a boating recovery program. This will be ready to launch as soon as the boating green light is received.

Please take the time to read our Email notices. We will only write if it is important to you or your business. Please keep an eye on our BIA COVID-19 page where we will publish the latest notices, updates and business support information. You can also follow updates on the BIA LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

Most importantly follow the Health advice and stay safe.

Submissions to government can be found